Understanding Endodontic Retreatment

Endodontic retreatment, also known as root canal retreatment, is a procedure performed to address infections that may reoccur in a previously treated tooth. While root canal treatment is generally successful in eliminating infections and preserving the natural tooth, there are instances where retreatment becomes necessary to maintain oral health.

When is Endodontic Retreatment Recommended?

Although the need for retreatment is rare, certain circumstances may warrant its consideration. Common reasons for endodontic retreatment include the recurrence of infection due to new tooth decay, a loose, cracked, or broken crown, delayed placement of the crown following initial treatment, or a fractured tooth.

The Endodontic Retreatment Procedure

Endodontic retreatment involves a process similar to the initial root canal treatment. Our Endodontist Ocean NJ will begin by removing the crown and any existing filling materials. Next, they will carefully clean the canals to remove any infection or debris. Once the canals are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, they will be refilled to prevent the recurrence of infection. Finally, a new crown will be placed to restore the tooth’s strength and functionality.

Seeking Evaluation and Treatment

If you are experiencing discomfort or other symptoms in a tooth that has previously undergone root canal treatment, it’s essential to seek prompt evaluation and treatment. Contact our office at Coastal Monmouth Dental Specialists, LLC/Jersey Shore Endodontics for a comprehensive evaluation by our experienced Endodontist in Ocean NJ. Early intervention can help preserve your tooth and prevent further complications. Don’t delay – schedule your appointment today and protect your oral health for years to come.

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